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It’s your party, you can Body Art if you want to!

Try temporary tattoos in solid colors, sparkling glitter or shiny metal; add fun hair add-ons; paint your nails, and bring the pets. Remember, we’re here for you. Just call or write and tell us about your event…we’ll take it from there!

Tattoo Types

Airbrush Tattoos | Metallic Flash Tattoos | Henna / Henna Lace Tattoos | Nail Tattoos | Dog Tattoos | Balloon Twisting | Face & Body Painting | Glitter Makeup | Beauty / Spa Creations | Caricatures | Flower Crowns | Hair Fashion

Laine Too’s Exclusive Temporary Tattoos
Everyone loves glitter tattoos! Even if you’re age 2 to age 102, temporary tattoos are the perfect entertainment for your next event! Our tattoos are:

  • Safe on skin – FDA compliant, latex free, hypoallergenic products
  • Fast and easy to apply, only takes a few minutes!
  • Last up to 14 days!
  • Completely waterproof
  • Comes in a large variety of colors…glitter, UV neon, and realistic matter

Here at Laine Too, we have an extensive tattoo design collection for you to choose from. From our own in-house designs, themed stencils, to custom designed stencils with your brand or logo; our professionally-trained tattoo artists can help add sparkle to any occasion. We are prepared to entertain any size party at any location of your choice!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to schedule our custom temporary tattoo artists from Northbrook for any occasion today!

Airbrush Tattoos

Want a tattoo that looks permanent? Airbrush tattoos are such a cool alternative. Laine Too loves to experiment with different tattoo methods, and this is one of our favorites. Our amazing artists can create incredible works of art for you and your guests to enjoy.

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Metallic Flash Tattoos

Not long after her start, Melaine added Flash Tattoos to her product line for her corporate, fund-raising or social customers. These temporary tattoos, worn by Hollywood stars, appear to look like metallic jewelry. Perfect for serious or not so serious fashionistas; they glimmer and last for a four or five-day period. Wear what the Hollywood Celebrities wear: painted-on jewelry!

  • Last up to 1 week
  • Over 100 design options
  • Add metallic flash tattoos in sparkling different colors, or keep it simple and sophisticated with a metallic look.

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Henna / Henna Lace Tattoos

Henna tattoos are a gorgeous and fun way to put a smile on your face. Their beautiful, intricate designs make them a great accessory to any party look. Like our glitter tattoos, our henna tattoos are long-lasting, giving your friends plenty of time to compliment you! Find a design that matches your personality.

Looking for other ways to use henna? Henna, especially henna lace, is also a very chic way to add some glamour to your wedding look!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Nail Tattoos

Always willing to look for more creative ideas, Melaine discovered a method for creative nail art. She has thousands of custom images and logos that are digitally applied graphics. She is the first one in the Chicago area to use this technique.

Tired of the same old manicure? We’ve got the top of the line equipment to print any design on nails in just minutes! The possibilities are endless – anything you can print from a printer, we can put on your nails. Our designs will even last as long as a regular manicure!

Our nail tattoo services include:

  • Professionally trained artists
  • Unlimited digital prints (on nails)

Our nail tattoos make any occasion memorable. Your guests will love this addition to your event!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Dog Tattoos

Want to include all the guests at your event in the action? Well now even your furry best friend can join in the fun! Our dog tattoos are perfect for 5k runs, festivals or get-togethers with your family and friends. Our vet-approved non-toxic ink can last up to a week!

Plus, who doesn’t love fun matching pictures with their pets?!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Blacklight Capabilities

Having a blacklight event? Let us know! Our products can glow in the dark!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Other Amazing Services

Balloon Twisting

What is a party without any balloons?! Balloon twisting is fun for the whole family. Not only is it mesmerizing to watch; guests can pick out designs to match all of their favorite things: superhero logos, animals, crowns, objects, etc. The balloons come in a variety of colors and sizes and are sure to get your guests excited!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Face & Body Painting

A party classic! Add a little childhood nostalgia to every event. Who are we kidding; the adults love to join in on the fun too. Our paints, like our tattoos, are all made to be hypoallergenic so everyone can partake in the fun. Everyone jumps for joy after getting their faces painted. Just look at all those smiles!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Glitter Makeup

Take your obsession with glitter to the next level. Glitter makeup is a great way to spice up your party look. Laine Too can provide glitter lip tattoos, along with glitter face make-up and glitter for your hair. It’s glitter everywhere!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Tattoo services coming soon:

Beauty/Spa Creations

Who doesn’t love a little pampering? Add a little something special to your next girls night with some beauty/spa creations

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!


Want to give your guests a memento that will last forever? Get them immortalized in art with a caricature! Always a crowd pleaser,

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Flower Crowns
This is the newest trend in festival looks! This boho-chic fashion staple is a must have at any outdoor event. Not only are these crowns fun to wear; they’re super fun to look at. You and your guests will be obsessed with Laine Too’s designs.

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

Hair Fashion
Want to add a little fun to your party look? Hair fashion is sure to take your event to the next level. Laine Too offers colored hair extensions, sparkling bling strands, temporary hair color, hair braiding, and flowers.

Having a music festival or a school spirit week? We do festival hair styles too!

Call us at (312) 600-TATT to learn more!

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