Mitzvah planning season has finally arrived. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are a momentous occasion, marking a very special day for families. With this event being years in the making, why settle for a celebration that is anything less than spectacular? Honor tradition while adding a fresh and exciting twist with these 2018/2019 Mitzvah trends.


Unexpected Venues: Trends show that more and more families are turning to unexpected venues for their celebrations. Movie theaters, laser tag arenas, and bowling alleys are now replacing traditional banquet halls. Not only do these venues create excitement around the event, but they also come equipped with engaging entertainment and activities.


Experiential Themes: In this trend, theme and entertainment elements are intertwined. Does your child want to throw a video game themed celebration? Try recreating classic games in life-size fashion! Our team loves this idea for human-sized PacMan. Or perhaps you are transporting guests to the tropics for a beach themed celebration. Take your theme to the next level by offering a limbo contest, inflatable pool floaties to take photos with, and a Hawaiian dance performance.


Technology Infusion: Today’s mitzvah teens are opting in to more technology at their events. Everything from personalized photo stations, to hashtagging and live streaming contests, to geofilters are being used to connect with this technology-driven generation. The use of unique lighting is also catching on. Monogrammed lighting can be used to project the teen’s name artfully onto the venue’s walls, ceiling, or floor. Or, lighting can be synced up to music to create an awe-inspiring, interactive light show or glowing dance floor.


Child and Adult Friendly Entertainment Stations: When it comes to celebrations of this caliber, finding entertainment that spans age groups and interests is a must. Activities such soda pop stations, photobooths or green screens, and designing custom body art with a temporary tattoo artists offer guests a memorable experience that is fun for all ages.