Our Edible Print Bars turn your party drinks & treats into masterpieces

A collage of three images featuring a hand holding a green cocktail with "salt sea breeze" drink imprinting on it, pink heart-shaped macarons with "i love you" message, and a
Abstract pink and orange star shapes imprinting a black background.
A hand holding a cup of latte with the word "love" stenciled in pink on the foam.
Oval-shaped button with the text 'click here to view gallery' in pink lettering.
Oval-shaped button with the text 'click here to view gallery' in pink lettering.
Oval-shaped button with the text 'click here to view gallery' in pink lettering.

Edible Prints

Sip & Savor in Style

  • Artistic Drink Foam Creations: Choose from a variety of designs like bespoke monograms, custom logos, cute emojis and more.
  • Upload your own art: Use our cutting-edge software to send your creative ideas to the creation station.
  • Elevated Sipping Experience: Enjoy your favorite beverages, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cocktails, with a personalized touch.
  • Beyond Beverages: We don’t just stop at drinks; get ready to indulge in delicious treats adorned with your chosen designs!

BUT WAIT! How are we powering up these personalized pours?

Plant based ingredients. Stunning results.

It’s fun! It’s easy! Watch the video!

Our nifty software sends your design requests straight to our foam-printing tech. Picture this: colorful flowers, monograms, company logos, or even your favorite emoji – we can imprint them all right there in the foam! So whether it’s a coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cocktail, get ready to take a sip of your beautifully embellished drink, relishing in the fact that you’re dazzling everyone! And the magic isn’t just for drinks… we can imprint on some tasty treats, too!

Five pink starbursts of varying sizes on a black background.
Five cartoon-style sparkle stars of various sizes on a black background, symbolizing drink imprinting.

“Awesome selection of services! The drink printer was a very cool add-on to their services. Being able to print your image was great!!”


“Laine Too’s drink printer was a highlight of our wedding, turning our signature drinks into personalized art. Our guests were mesmerized!”

— Christopher N.

“Laine Too keeps coming up with cool ways to entertain! At our product launch celebration we had a station where people could print fun things on desserts. It was a hit and the people were so professional and friendly.”

— Carol B.
A red question mark inside a LaineToo speech bubble.

Questions? Reach out to learn more about edible imprinting!

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