Ready to ring in the new year?  Now is the time to get up-to-date on the latest color schemes, entertainment ideas, venues, and decorations. Take a look at the most popular entertainment trends in the event planning world for 2019.

Social and Corporate Responsibility: Event planners and attendees alike are looking for venues and businesses to display more social responsibility. Eco-friendly supplies, showcasing education and historic venues, and using events to raise funds for nonprofit and faith based organizations are some trends that are looking to take flight in the new year.

Shift from Themes to Experiences: Long gone are the days of simply choosing a theme to guide your event planning. This trend emerged in 2018 and is continuing to see growth and development. Events are now using their themes to create a unique experience for guests. Everything from the decorations, venue choice, food options, dress code, entertainment and music is being dictated by experiential themes, creating an immersive environment that transports event attendees to another location, era, or culture.

Out of the Box Marketing: Not only events themselves seeing innovation, but the way they are promoted and marketed are as well. Pop-up booths, body art logo displays, and technology-infused invitations are being used to create excitement around events and turn them into exclusive, can’t-miss celebrations.