When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, “temporary” is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Temporary tattoos, however, will leave an impact on your guests that will last long after the ink has faded away. When it comes to planning your next big promotional event, be sure to think outside the box. Whether you are hosting a grand opening or an expo, looking to work on corporate team building, or make a statement for a product launch or PR stunt, body art has the power to make your event the talk of the town.

More and more, businesses are coming up with new and exciting ways to gain exposure and create a buzz about their brand. Gift bags often leave promotional items collecting dust on shelves or tossed to the side, and consumers are in search of more than the standard expo table. The best way to grab attention amongst the competition is to add in a temporary tattoo entertainer. Guests will be lining up to get their own custom design, creating an air of excitement around your location.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using temporary tattoos at your next event? Free marketing! Guests who receive a temporary tattoo will be showing off your companies logo for the rest of the week. With fun and creative touches like glitter and metallic flash, consumers will be eager to display their new body art piece to their friends and family, all while simultaneously creating exposure and brand awareness for your business.

Business marketing through body art not only allows businesses to get their logo out there, but to spend time with guests and create a fun, welcoming atmosphere. The time the guest spends waiting for their tattoo to be created is the perfect opportunity for business owners or employees to interact these consumers and get to know them better. This face to face time serves as a great way build your company’s reputation in the community and get to know your consumers on a more personal level.