The event and entertainment industry is a rapidly changing scene, with new additions and innovations taking hold each day. Professionals and influencers in the industry have challenged us to be forward thinking and think outside of the box. The result? Wholly unforgetable, mesmerizing, and spectacular events!

Some current trends we love include:

Unconventional Event Spaces – Event planners and event vendors alike are breaking the mold and beginning to host events in unique spaces. These creatives are able to transform new “venues” into breathtaking atmospheres and showcase some truly stunning characteristics of the location. Nontraditional spaces such as warehouses, rooftops, museums, and breweries all create an air of mystery, excitement, and a break from the traditional.

Technology Infusion – It is no secret that technology is an ever-present part of our society. However, the way it is being incorporated into events is changing. Photobooths and event hashtags are no longer the latest and greatest. Technology-driven entertainment such as digitally printed-on manicures, geo-filters and livestreaming, interactive displays, and digital projections among many others are beginning to shape the way event planners and producers entertain their guests.

Social Consciousness – Consumers, business owners, professionals, and parents across the board are looking more and more for businesses and organizations to show social consciousness. This growing trend has also spilled over into the event and entertainment world! Some amazing ways to incorporate this concept into events is to have part of proceeds go to charity or have guests give a donation instead of a party favor. Another unique way is to “upcycle” decor items (i.e. chandeliers made with old wine bottles or flower-filled centerpieces made from old cans), or partner with a green event planner who uses environmentally-friendly products and vendors.